Roger William Liska, SDPL Associate

The Development of a Systematic Process for Enhancing the Awareness of the Potential for Indoor Air Pollution in Schools

The University of Georgia (1988)

The major objective of this dissertation was to develop a document, based on the findings from this study, which provides the school principal with a process of determining if there exists potential problems with indoor air pollution, and, if so, how to alleviate them. Furthermore, the document presents a procedure to assist the user in preventing indoor air pollution.

Six hundred and fifty of the 816 elementary schools in South Carolina were surveyed using a specifically designed form to provide a basis from which to select schools for further study. From those returning the survey, ten schools were selected. Five of which had a high potential and five had a low potential for indoor air pollution.

The methodology, including formats and recommended instrumentation, used in each of the ten site visits was incorporated into the final document from this study for the diagnosis of indoor air pollution. The information derived for the literature search and related activities served as the basis for information contained in the document on how to alleviate and prevent indoor air contamination.

During the site visits it was found that little was known about indoor air pollution by the ten principals. The same was true about their understanding of the operation and maintenance of their buildings and the support systems. This finding only reinforced the need for not only the document from this study but also more formal education in these deficient areas.

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