Robert J. Cramer

Some Effects of School Building Renovation on Pupil Attitudes and Behavior (in Selected Junior High Schools)

Study completed: July 1976

Under the Direction of C. W. McGuffy, The University of Georgia

Twenty-three hundred students in three junior high schools were tested to measure attitudes toward their school building. The three classifications were: Newly renovated school, New School, and Old dilapidated school. Data were analyzed by using analysis of variance and Duncan's multiple range test.

Selected Findings and Conclusions

Students attending the renovated school scored significantly higher on the attitude inventory than students in the other two classifications.

Students attending the old dilapidated school scored significantly lower on the attitude inventory than those in the other classifications.

Pupils in the old dilapidated school had a higher major disruptive incident ratio per pupil.

The findings clearly support the hypothesis that pupil's attitudes were significantly more positive in the newly renovated school than in the other two schools.


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