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Does Natural Lighting Influence Student Achievement?

The Heschong Mahone Group ( reports a study that investigated the effect of daylighting on human performance. It included a focus on skylighting as a way to isolate daylight as an illumination source, and separate illumination effects from other qualities associated with daylighting from windows. This project established a statistically compelling connection between daylighting and student performance, and between skylighting and retail sales. This report focuses on the school analysis. Student performance data from three elementary school districts were examined. The focus was a correlation to the amount of daylight provided by each student's classroom environment. Data were used from 21,000 second through fifth grade students in elementary schools. Linear regression analysis was used to control for variables other than lighting. The results show consistently positive and highly significant effects. This consistency persuasively argues that there is a valid and predictable effect of daylighting on student performance.

Posted: April 2000 by Ken Tanner


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