Douglas Truman Bennett, SDPL Associate

The Relationships Among Roof Problems and Roof Types on Public School Buildings in Georgia

The University of Georgia (1990)

One purpose of this study was to investigate the relationships among roof types and age. Another objective was to examine the relationships among roof problems with respect to type, roof slope, and roof age on public school buildings in the state of Georgia. This study surveyed all 186 Georgia school districts. The data represented 1056 of the 1721 (61%) school buildings in the state.

In order to collect sufficient data , a "Comprehensive Roof Survey" questionnaire was developed. Respondents were asked to use a five point "Roof Service Rating Scale" to rate the degree of problems that they were experiencing with roofs in their districts.

It was hypothesized that a statistically significant relationship existed between the kind or type of roof found and the age of the roof. The relationship between roof service rating and the type of roof was another research question. The results obtained from these two questions would assist local school administrators in the development of specific recommendations or policy concerning roof selection decisions.

Two other questions were also analyzed. The relationship between rating and slope and the relationship between rating and age. A Chi square statistic was applied to all sets of data in order to test each research question.

Recommendations, based on the review of the literature and the results of the "Comprehensive Roof Survey", were made to assist local school districts in the decision making process regarding roofing. These recommendations included considerations for retrofit as well as new construction. Suggestions for the establishment of a roof maintenance program were also part of the recommendations.

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