Facilities Planning & Design

SDPL               Failing to Plan = Planning to Fail                SDPL

Pre-Design and Planning Seminar
s for:

Organizations interested in planning new facilities or  remodeling existing structures.

Seminar leaders describe and explain planning and design activities needed for building a new facility or remodeling an existing structure. 

The Seminar is customized for a particular project and organization such as education, health care, business, or recreation and leisure.

This basic seminar is prepared for selected stakeholders and leaders that want to learn about the latest aspects of facility design and how they influence behavior, productivity, attitudes, and achievement.

Planning is a time consuming activity, but it saves time in the long run!

Why a
Pre-Design and Planning Seminar? 

Most organizations do not build facilities frequently enough, or have a full-time staff to stay informed about the latest research-based designs that influence productivity, behavior, attitude, and learning. We work closely with stakeholders to formulate a plan depicting what the ideal facility should be for their specific needs. 

With facts presented in this fast-paced seminar, participants will be better prepared to make sound decisions regarding the built physical environment.  Beyond the seminar, UGA personnel may work with an organization through the entire project to ensure that stakeholders get the facility that they need and want.  There are many organizations that never received what the stakeholders wanted and what management thought it was paying for.  That is, owners have often paid for something they did not get.

Ideally, stakeholders should experience this activity before they launch a capital project; and before an architect is hired.  The seminar will provide participants with knowledge regarding how to communicate their selection of the latest research-based designs to architects, engineers, and contractors.

The minimum time to complete this seminar is 2.5 hours.

Wireframe Design by Dr. Ann Langford
Sample outline: Planning for a Capital Project

Phase I Activities
UGA Personnel:

Lead a discussion on the premises for planning and designing a facility.

Describe and explain what research shows how a facility influences behavior, attitude, productivity, and learning.

Help participants define a philosophy of work environments that are ideal for business, industry, health care units, or educational settings.

Phase II Activities

Review the Phases leading to research-based concept design and diagrammatic design.

Work in small groups to envision program functions and develop concept designs.

Evaluate the concept design developed in this seminar.

Obtain Cost Estimates!