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Schools Designed for Learning Video and Resource Guide

"Schools Designed for Learning: The Denver School of Science and Technology," is a 17-minute video case study that showcases the Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST), and exemplifies how a school can be designed in a way that promotes student achievement. The video is paired with a resource guide providing further information, practical suggestions, and additional resources for viewers.

For students at DSST, learning takes place in an environment that is engaging, instructive, and flexible - an environment that encourages the development of 21st century skills. To some, many of the concepts are familiar - providing access to natural light, good ventilation and a relationship to the outdoors - while others such as wireless technology and exposing the building's mechanical systems for use as a teaching tool are not. The building represents some of the best of what learning environments can be, and it provides spaces for engagement and learning that are both flexible and inspiring.

As you will learn from watching the video and reading this resource guide, there are many ways that design can play an integral role in helping students learn more effectively!

KnowledgeWorks Foundation partnered with the American Architectural Foundation and Target to create the guide and video.

Also, please feel free to explore the previously released "Schools as Centers of Community: John A. Johnson Achievement Plus Elementary School" video and discussion guide created by KnowledgeWorks Foundation and the American Architectural Foundation.

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