Facilities Planning, Design, & Management at UGA


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SDPL & FPDM - University of Georgia

C. Kenneth Tanner: Resume' 2013

A Facilities Planning Model Employment for Facility Planners, Designers, and Managers
Principles of Designing a School
Architecture, Behaviour, & Cultural Diversity
Facility Safety Management Research Articles and Dissertations
Articles and Monographs Guiding Principles of Sustainable Design School Construction News

Commentary and Examples of Slum Architecture in Education
History of Educational Architecture

The Impact of the Educational Facility on
Student Achievement (pdf)

School Facilities News

edutopia - A School Scaled for Children: Links to Going
Green, Planning, & Collaboration

Daylight and Learning - Light Matters!
Indoor and Outdoor Learning Environments Strategic Planning (Focused Strategic Planning)
Design Patterns Grounded in Research -
Not Imagination!
Learning Lighting and Color Strategic Planning
Design Patterns - A Pattern Language
National Summit on School Design Sustainable Design
Educational Facilities Planning: A Guide Book
Planning and Programming for a Capital Project
Selected  Facilities, Planning, Design , & Management

Photo of Crow Island School 's Floor Plan Used by Permission of  Roger Shepard