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Forecasting Student Population
We use research-based student population forecasting models to improve accuracy.  The UGA associates in the FPDM Program can produce a 5, 10, or 15-year forecast by school system and/or by school building service area.  If you need a forecast for more than 15 years, ask about requirements and procedures to complete this detailed project.

A UGA representative will work with a school system, a planning agency, or a state to produce long range student population forecasts. 

Perhaps system administrators wish to do the forecasting, but are in need of a refresher course; we will bring a Student Population Forecasting Workshop to your organization and work with one person or a small group of planners, managers, and principals and teach them how to develop, adjust and customize a "5-year" forecasting model for a school district, region, or state. Each participant is issued an electronic version of the basic forecasting models (5-Year) and each participant keeps the Models after the workshop for use at the school building and/or system level. 

Here is a Suggested Workshop Format:

Morning: (9 AM  to12:30 PM)

So you have a spreadsheet and all you need to do is enter enrollment data and resident live births!  Wrong!  Wrong! Wrong!

First, we work on the concept of forecasting student population.
Second, we show you the science of forecasting student population.
Next, you learn about the art of student population forecasting (Local  Guru Approach).

Afternoon: (1:30 PM  to 4:30 PM)

Applying the art and science of forecasting student population

Small group work on a local data sets.     
Explaining what you have developed.




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